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Obi-Rus Kenobi’s StocktonCon 2015 Adventure

My hometown Stockton Ca., gets a bad rap for a lot of things but once again this  past weekend a small but really fun Con happened, it wasn’t big, it wasn’t extensive, but it small fun and chill which is something I think went missing in a lot of cons. On the 2nd day of the con I cosplayed my Commander Shepard Mass Effect/Deadspace3 Armor Mashup, Only 2nd time cosplaying in full armor it was a little overwhelming but  thanks to my confam it made it a little less daunting and actually a lot of fun which brough about the selfies in cosplay. I had a great time with some awesome cosplayers, some great vendors and special guests. Score 2 for my home town of Stockton Ca. and thanks to everyone in the following pics for being so nice and incredible.

Wondercon 2015 Adventures of Lil Obi Rus Kenobi

Lil Obi-Rus had an awesome adventure at wondercon2015. This time Lil Obi-Rus #Cosplayed as an #avenger but he couldn’t decide which one so he did a #mashup He got to share some great moments with some old friends and made some new ones and was excited for some friends winning best in show for their #bigherosix #cosplay If you like please follow, like or share the fun. Thanks!

Video Game Avengers 2: Age of Glad0s Fan Art Crossover/Mashup

With the new Avengers Movie Age of Ultron coming I had to do an update to my Video Game Avengers Mashup/Crossover so here is my latest interpretation of Video Game Avengers but Age of Ultron style. I have updates to Mass Effect’s Shepard/Captain America, Halo’s Master Chief/Iron Man also with SplatterHulk Buster Armor, Metroid’s Samus Aran/Black Widow, God of War’s Kratos/Thor, Assassin’s Creed Connor/Hawkeye, Metal Gear’s Solid Snake/Nick Fury, Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft/Maria Hill, Rick Taylor from Splatterhouse/Hulk and added new characters like Sonic as Quicksilver, Jeanne from Bayonetta as the Scarlet Witch and Mega Man as the Vision. Single character images to follow:

(Intended for FanArt/Parody credit to original art reference sources property of Marvel, Disney, Bioware, EA, Konami, Capcom, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Bungie, Sony, Crystal Dynamics and Sega)


Avengers 2: Age of Ultron trailer 2

My first foray into Cosplay N7 Issac Shepard MassEffect/DeadSpace3 Armor

I think I got a lil ambitious for my first foray into cosplay, decided to do my own custom Mass Effect Shepard N7/DeadSpace 3 Issac Clarke N7 Armor, improvised a lot but I think I got the helmet done, just one final plasti-dip coating and detail paint and it’s good to go now to construct the rest of the armor eva foam, also incorporated plans for a matching lil obi-rus compartment, but spare time is in short supply so I probably won’t be done until WonderCon 2015, but what a fun and creative way to blow off steam from the day job.


Star Wars Mass Effect Mash Up/Crossover Fan Art

Added some major updates to this post so had to reblog. Hope everyone has fun with it =)

The adventures of Obi-Rus Kenobi

It was bound to happen sooner or later for me, I guess I can’t stop mashing up Mass Effect with my other favorite fandoms and there is no bigger fandom for me than Star Wars. I’ve seen other Star Wars/Mass Effect fan art before. The ones that stood out for me were an N7 clone trooper  a Salarian Jedi and Asari Sith by Zarnala which were were pretty awesome but I wanted to try my take on it. Like my Avengers, Community and Pacific Rim Mass Effect Crossovers I like to try matching characters that would best match or would just be a cool idea. Utilizing the photoshop digital art style I did previously with my clone wars fan art (used the same layout) I ran with the similarities in the two universes I thought the Force would be comparable to Biotics and Jedi were sort of like Spectres so…

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