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New Attack on Titan Artwork

Inspired to do something fun and creative and In anticipation to the Attack on Titan Video game coming out soon I finally finished my Mikasa Ackerman fan art but didn’t stop there and did a Eren Jaeger and Annie Leonhardt. I went for a slighty different art style and tried to do a more older battle weary versions of the characters. Levi, Sasha and Hange coming soon

WonderCon LA 2016 Adventure

Wondercon was different this year, moved from the Anahiem Convention Center to the Downtown Los Angeles Convention Center. Different but still fun, (Glad though that WonderCon is moving back to Anahiem next year I prefer the more relaxed atmosphere of that venue….would even be more glad if it moved back to San Francisco where it belongs eventually) Got to have some great adventures and catch up with some old friends and made fantastic new ones, which made up for one amazing 3 day adventure! Loving the con atmosphere most people are super nice (although ran into a few that can be either be rudeypoo, pushy or snobtastic at times) but overall was an awesome experience

Candid and mini photo shoot adventure images.



New Cosplay: Clone Wars General Kenobi

For my next cosplay I started working on clone wars version of general Obi Wan Kenobi from the clone wars but more specifically an action figure where Obi-Wan actually wore a clone commander helmet, since I  look nothing like Obi-Wan this was my chance to cosplay him without looking actually looking like him. I photoshopped what the final product should look like so join me on my next cosplay adventure.

SVCC 2016 Adventure

SVCC16_SQUAD_GOALS2The first ever Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016 happened a few months ago (sorry for the late post work has been crazy and finally able to catch up) and wow what a fun time. An evolution of what was once the Big Wow Comic Con had definitely “leveled up.” Other than a few problems with logistics (lines, parking etc. inherent with most large cons”) This con was a blast. Celebrities from TV and Cinema  vendors and of course awesome cosplayers made converged on the San Jose Convention Center and gave Lil Obi-Rus and I one helluva adventure.  Please join us once again on our adventure and hope you have a great time with us.

Candid and mini photoshoot adventures

N7-Mass Effect Armor Cosplay Dev

Completed several stages for my eva foam N7/Deadspace 3 Mashup armor below are the several stages the armor and helmet went through as well as some examples of me cosplaying the armor at a few cons. I often plan to cosplay the armor at least one day at con but I find the lil Obi-Rus adventures takes a priority and this cosplay is not great on arm flexibility for taking photographs so I either go half armor or none at all.
Update: Continuing to update, upgrade and add to the armor. Lately I’ve taken an X-Coser N7 Breather helmet purchased on ebay and re-cut and customized the face mask and repainted for the distressed look, looking to add a omni-tool and a Black Widow to the ensemble. Keep your eyes out posting progress pics soon.


Mass Effect Cosplay Development

Cosplay Adventure: Sac Anime FW2016

Had a small but fun adventure at Sac Anime, met some new and awesome cosplayers and even took an old bud out for the fun. Couldn’t get as many adventure pics Obi’Rus’s day job took that time away, sorry.


Obi-Rus Kenobi’s StocktonCon 2015 Adventure

My hometown Stockton Ca., gets a bad rap for a lot of things but once again this  past weekend a small but really fun Con happened, it wasn’t big, it wasn’t extensive, but it small fun and chill which is something I think went missing in a lot of cons. On the 2nd day of the con I cosplayed my Commander Shepard Mass Effect/Deadspace3 Armor Mashup, Only 2nd time cosplaying in full armor it was a little overwhelming but  thanks to my confam it made it a little less daunting and actually a lot of fun which brough about the selfies in cosplay. I had a great time with some awesome cosplayers, some great vendors and special guests. Score 2 for my home town of Stockton Ca. and thanks to everyone in the following pics for being so nice and incredible.

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