My Facination with the Fantastic

Obi-Rus Kenobi’s StocktonCon 2015 Adventure

My hometown Stockton Ca., gets a bad rap for a lot of things but once again this  past weekend a small but really fun Con happened, it wasn’t big, it wasn’t extensive, but it small fun and chill which is something I think went missing in a lot of cons. On the 2nd day of the con I cosplayed my Commander Shepard Mass Effect/Deadspace3 Armor Mashup, Only 2nd time cosplaying in full armor it was a little overwhelming but  thanks to my confam it made it a little less daunting and actually a lot of fun which brough about the selfies in cosplay. I had a great time with some awesome cosplayers, some great vendors and special guests. Score 2 for my home town of Stockton Ca. and thanks to everyone in the following pics for being so nice and incredible.


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