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Video Game Avengers Mash-Up: Civil War

Wasn’t quite happy with the layout of my last Civil War Video Game Avengers crossover so decided to redo the whole thing. I also updated it with a few characters that would be a better fit. Also made a youtube video with more images and showing the combinations process. Have fun and if you get a chance and like the video please give the video a like and subscribe. Thanks again everyone!


Video Game Avengers 2: Age of Glad0s Fan Art Crossover/Mashup

With the new Avengers Movie Age of Ultron coming I had to do an update to my Video Game Avengers Mashup/Crossover so here is my latest interpretation of Video Game Avengers but Age of Ultron style. I have updates to Mass Effect’s Shepard/Captain America, Halo’s Master Chief/Iron Man also with SplatterHulk Buster Armor, Metroid’s Samus Aran/Black Widow, God of War’s Kratos/Thor, Assassin’s Creed Connor/Hawkeye, Metal Gear’s Solid Snake/Nick Fury, Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft/Maria Hill, Rick Taylor from Splatterhouse/Hulk and added new characters like Sonic as Quicksilver, Jeanne from Bayonetta as the Scarlet Witch and Mega Man as the Vision. Single character images to follow:

(Intended for FanArt/Parody credit to original art reference sources property of Marvel, Disney, Bioware, EA, Konami, Capcom, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Bungie, Sony, Crystal Dynamics and Sega)