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Video Game Avengers Mash-Up: Civil War

Wasn’t quite happy with the layout of my last Civil War Video Game Avengers crossover so decided to redo the whole thing. I also updated it with a few characters that would be a better fit. Also made a youtube video with more images and showing the combinations process. Have fun and if you get a chance and like the video please give the video a like and subscribe. Thanks again everyone!


Video Game Avengers 2: Age of Glad0s Fan Art Crossover/Mashup

With the new Avengers Movie Age of Ultron coming I had to do an update to my Video Game Avengers Mashup/Crossover so here is my latest interpretation of Video Game Avengers but Age of Ultron style. I have updates to Mass Effect’s Shepard/Captain America, Halo’s Master Chief/Iron Man also with SplatterHulk Buster Armor, Metroid’s Samus Aran/Black Widow, God of War’s Kratos/Thor, Assassin’s Creed Connor/Hawkeye, Metal Gear’s Solid Snake/Nick Fury, Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft/Maria Hill, Rick Taylor from Splatterhouse/Hulk and added new characters like Sonic as Quicksilver, Jeanne from Bayonetta as the Scarlet Witch and Mega Man as the Vision. Single character images to follow:

(Intended for FanArt/Parody credit to original art reference sources property of Marvel, Disney, Bioware, EA, Konami, Capcom, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Bungie, Sony, Crystal Dynamics and Sega)

My first foray into Cosplay N7 Issac Shepard MassEffect/DeadSpace3 Armor

I think I got a lil ambitious for my first foray into cosplay, decided to do my own custom Mass Effect Shepard N7/DeadSpace 3 Issac Clarke N7 Armor, improvised a lot but I think I got the helmet done, just one final plasti-dip coating and detail paint and it’s good to go now to construct the rest of the armor eva foam, also incorporated plans for a matching lil obi-rus compartment, but spare time is in short supply so I probably won’t be done until WonderCon 2015, but what a fun and creative way to blow off steam from the day job.

N7 Jayne Shepard & Attack on Titan Mikasa Fan Art

Now that I finished the busy season at my day job, time to work on stuff I like, so what do I do on my first free weekend, did a piece of fan art on my interpretation of Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan, took about two nights but was a lot of fun. Update: Still riding the creative high I was able to do this custom Jayne Shepard commission. Also below I entered a submission to the deviant art contest on a custom Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII this past week which was really fun.


To Fight Reapers…We Created Reapers, Mass Effect/Pacific Rim Fan Art Crossover Mash-Up


GALACTICRIM_HOLD_THE_LINE_LRStill on my Pacific Rim obsession Mass Effect popped in my head and just thought what if the Citadel Council heeded Shepard’s warning after ME2 and spent the next three years building a plan (Jaegers) to fight the reapers based on what they found on the collector base. Then it made made sense that each council race would have their own Jaegers, so introducing Earth’s Systems Alliance Jaeger Normandy Omega (piloted by Shepard and whichever crew mate you pick. This opened a pandora’s box of ideas for me so added Jaegers for the Turian Hierarchy, the Asari Republic, The Salarian Union, Quarian, Geth and Krogans, and coming soon will be Cerebus and Drell Jaegers. This will be fun! Stay tuned

Mass Effect/Halo Fan Art Crossover Mash-Up 2.0: Spartan: N7

My Mass Effect/Halo Fan Art Mash Up. John Shepard 117: Spartan N7 2.0
Had so much fun doing the first version that I had to improve and make a newer version (one with and without helmet)
Updated Cortana/Edi coming soon.

Updated 8.25.2014 Added Spectre Squad a Halo/Mass Effect crossover fan art with Noble Squad from Halo Reach

Art Sources are properties of BioWare, EA, 343 Studios, Bungie, Microsoft Game Studios.

Mass Effect/Avengers Fan Art Crossover Mash-Up

In honor of the new Mass Effect Citadel DLC I did another mash up. Based on the Captain Shepard I did for my Game Avengers Mash Up I decided to expand and chose my Avengers squad. =) More to come soon including Admiral Anderson Fury, Miranda Hill and the Illusive Loki, still trying to figure who Coulson would be. Have fun and enjoy!

Due to popular demand I added a FemShep version of Captain Shepard