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Video Game Avengers Mash-Up: Civil War

Wasn’t quite happy with the layout of my last Civil War Video Game Avengers crossover so decided to redo the whole thing. I also updated it with a few characters that would be a better fit. Also made a youtube video with more images and showing the combinations process. Have fun and if you get a chance and like the video please give the video a like and subscribe. Thanks again everyone!


Spider-Man & Mary Jane Selfie Fan Art

Last night had an awesome idea for a selfie…but not mine…but of Mary Jane Parker (yea I know their marriage was undone in the comics blah blah blah but for me it’s always been about Peter and Mary Jane…sorry Gwen) and Peter taking a selfie together along with a “goofy” selfie…how fun would that did a quick digital paint in photoshop which turned out a lil better than I thought so I thought i’d share…still needs some clean-up but here’s the gist of it, especially on the heels of ASM2 coming out this week! enjoy!

Lil Obi-Rus’s Sacramento Comic-Con 2014 Adventure (Sunday)

What another great day at Wizard World Sacramento Comic-Con was so much fun! As usual lil Obi-Rus had a great adventure with some awesome cosplayers. Major props and thanks to the cosplayers and their great costumes who took the time to take a pic with lil obi-rus they were a very busy group yet again today thanks again! No problems today and the cosplayers were even more awesome. Even got to meet Victoria Schmidt from Heroes of Cosplay for another adventure of a lifetime. If any of the cosplayers featured find their way here message me and I will put your name down to make sure you get the proper recognition for your awesome work. Thanks again!