My Facination with the Fantastic

N7-Mass Effect Armor Cosplay Dev

Completed several stages for my eva foam N7/Deadspace 3 Mashup armor below are the several stages the armor and helmet went through as well as some examples of me cosplaying the armor at a few cons. I often plan to cosplay the armor at least one day at con but I find the lil Obi-Rus adventures takes a priority and this cosplay is not great on arm flexibility for taking photographs so I either go half armor or none at all.
Update: Continuing to update, upgrade and add to the armor. Lately I’ve taken an X-Coser N7 Breather helmet purchased on ebay and re-cut and customized the face mask and repainted for the distressed look, looking to add a omni-tool and a Black Widow to the ensemble. Keep your eyes out posting progress pics soon.


Mass Effect Cosplay Development


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