My Facination with the Fantastic

Lil Obi Rus Adventures: Wondercon 2014

Had an absolutely great time at Wondercon 2014, had a great time at the Star Wars Rebels Panel and even had a greater time with Lil Obi-Rus and his adventures with the different cosplayers. These cosplayers were great some were really busy and still had time to share a lil adventure with lil Obi-Rus, even managed to track down some great cosplayers from Wizard World Sacramento. Edward Kenway (@sithofthenorth) and Daenerys (@samskylerart) to continue an adventure. They were all great just wish I had the time to have more adventures! I  posted contact information for some of the cosplayers in the image captions so if you get the chance please follow, like, subscribe etc… and support the great creativity and fun. If your one of the cosplayers featured and contact information is not provided just let me know and I will add it. Thanks again all the cosplayers featured and hope to continue the adventure with you all!  May the force be with you all…always!


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