My Facination with the Fantastic

Lil Obi-Rus’s Sacramento Comic-Con 2014 Adventure (Saturday)

Wizard World Sacramento Comic-Con was so much fun, hope it continues to grow! Taking the place of WonderCon that is usually in SF for us Northern Californians. I am glad to have a high caliber local con back in the area. Lil Obi-Rus and Big Obi-Rus got to connect with some old friends and have a geektastic time! As usual lil Obi-Rus had a great adventure with some awesome cosplayers. Major props and thanks to the cosplayers and their great costumes who took the time to take a pic with lil obi-rus they were a very busy group today thanks again! lil obi-rus also got his first rejection for a photo op (waited patiently and asked politely), won’t name names but it kind of weirded me out as most people usually get the lil obi-rus “stand in” and are cool with the concept. Well anywhoo had a great time and look forward to tomorrow! Thanks again!


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