My Facination with the Fantastic

G-Force Live-Action Movie

I was so excited found out this movie was coming out G-Force was one cartoons that started my love of anime. The first trailer blew my mind and had high hopes. The newest trailer made the adult in me a lil bit more wary thinking it, with Battleship Yamato/Star Blazer live action still fresh in my mind (A movie which also had an awesome trailer, the movie itself seemed just okay but I was expecting greatness) I suspect that I may be left with the same feeling. However maybe I shouldn’t take it so seriously. Maybe I should just let the 10 year in me just have fun and enjoy the movie, I mean decent action, awesome suits, and the Pheonix, OMG was one of my favorite ships growing up, so maybe I will just have fun with it as it brings me back!

Watch trailer Here



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