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Pacific Rim Jaeger Fan Art: Azure Defiant/Philippines & Sierra Vigilant/Canada

AZURE_DEFIANTTotally looking forward to Pacific Rim, so much so after seeing all the awesome fan art of artists making custom Jaegers for the different countries using I decided to go against the grain and do a custom one using my photoshop skills and adding my own heritage to the mix, so introducing Azure Defiant of the Philippines. =).

Update: Kinda late to the game but found out there was a Design your own Jaeger Contest sponsored by IGN and Legendary Films. The finalist will be judged by Guillermo Del Toro himself. So I decided to enter Azure Defiant into the fray, but I wasn’t going to let it him go mix it up with the Kaiju without giving him an upgrade.  I updated and upgraded Azure Defiant 2.0 and entered him into the contest…God’s Speed Azure Defiant.

PACRIMTRIO_LRUpdate I just added my own custom banner with my three custom Jaegers.


Had so much fun making Azure Defiant, so on behalf of my Fiance she asked me to make a Jaeger for her country Canada, so I introduce to you my two versions of a Canadian Jaeger Sierra Vigilant and it’s upgrade with some feedback from so cool folks on deviantart (I know the Sierra isn’t in Canada but rather refers to the NATO phonetics of the letter “S”)

Official Pacific Rim Jaeger’s Below:


One response

  1. Vin

    I love the Back to the Future reference.. 😀

    July 1, 2013 at 2:09 pm

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