My Facination with the Fantastic

My Sleeper Pick for the Summer: Pacific Rim

When I was a kid, nothing was more fun than a UHF channel (didn’t have cable) Godzilla marathon on a Saturday afternoon, I would play along with my legions of Star Wars, GIjoe. and Transformers figures as they stood against my “Godzilla”  (A stuffed animal T-rex stand in, the real toy at this time was beyond my grasp) on the living room floor. I would watch these giant monsters battle for hours on end and as a kid and plot, special effects, writing, acting that didn’t matter as I ate this stuff up and my appetite for this seemed insatiable. Godzilla was my “entry drug” into Japanese anime and cinema as I soon discovered Ultra Man, Star Blazers, G-Force, Voltron and Robotech (the latter fueling my love for Giant Robots),. However as I got older I noticed these movies playing less and finding them on tv became a rare and with other fandoms and the growing pains of high school tugging at me, my “old friend” took a long nap in the backseat.

Fast forward to present day and  right now my fandoms are fierce and many. I try to balance between my fiancé, work and my fandoms which include Star Wars, Mass Effect, Community, Dr. Who, Marvel Comics, Halo, and the Walking Dead, and Fan Art keep my busy, but one night a few months ago Godzilla popped in my head and like looking up an old girlfriend on Facebook, I googled “Godzilla” to see how my old friend had been doing then I found it out that aside from a horrible American made hiccup in 1997, the Japanese had rebooted the franchise in early 2000s and I had myself a Godzilla renaissance. Thanks to the Internet I discovered there was a Japanese Godzilla reboot and my gosh I watched feverishly online and it culminated Godzilla Final Wars from 2004 and it GLORIOUS many of the monsters from my childhood made an appearance and even American version and with a surprise villain monster reveal in the end that blew my socks off. So I’ve been primed for awhile now for anything monster/giant robot related.

Now the summer is fast approaching and I’m totally looking forward to the obvious blockbusters. I’m sure Iron Man 3, Star Trek into Darkness, Man of Steel will blow my mind, but  Guillermo Del Toro, Pacific Rim which is kinda under the radar has coincided with my Godzilla renaissance and is now the movie I’m totally looking forward to. I mean giant freaking monsters versus giant freaking robots, I’m not sure the 8 year old in me needs a plot, it just needs this to happen, even though the monsters featured in the film is not Godzilla, I know the monsters in this movie are definitely paying homage to the main monster of all monsters Godzilla. Now let’s talk about the the “Mechs,” These mech’s I think look pretty awesome, I love how they tried to incorporate the county’s design sensibilities into the design of the mech. Right now Australia’s Stryker Eureka is my favorite. I’ll update this post as I learn more and I will try not to post any spoilers.


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