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Mass Effect Community Fan Art Mash Up: Dreamatorium Online: October 19th Initiated Whenever that is…

In honor of October 19th the return of Community (whenever that is)…I think I completed my Community/Mass Effect mash up of all the primary and even most of the secondary characters from all three seasons of Community. Even with the departure of Dan Harmon I just hope my beloved characters will still continue their adventures at Greendale so please watch when it finally returns. I basically found a character from  Community my favorite show and mashed them with a the Mass Effect (My Fav Video Game) character that fit them most. Some were perfect fit like Abed/Mordin and Jeff/Shepard and some not so much but I had so much fun combining the characters.


Here are the individual shot of the all the characters featured above. Jeff/Shepard, Abed/Mordin, Annie/Miranda, Troy/Garrus, Britta/Liara, Shirley/Samara, Pierce/Wreav, Chang/Kai Leng, Dean/Jack, Star Burns/Vega, Magnitude/Jacob, Leonard/Javik, Garrett/Legion, Fat Neil/Grunt, Duncan/Hackett, Kane/Anderson, Slater/Ashley, Rich/Kaiden, Vicki/Bakara, Quendra/Kelly, Annie Kim/Kasumi, Dean Spreck/Illusive Man, Dark Rider/Thane, Officer Cacowski/C-Sec Officer


2 responses

  1. Great stuff! But no Joker 😦

    November 16, 2012 at 9:47 pm

    • Hi Angry and Yellow, Thanks! yea I have been trying to fit Joker in for awhile couldn’t quite find the Community character that would match or do Joker justice, maybe season 4 will reveal some new characters, i’m also totally open to any suggestions. =)

      December 14, 2012 at 7:38 am

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