My Facination with the Fantastic

Creative Inspiration clobbered me over the head and the result…The Community Effect Fan Art.

Okay, I was playing Mass Effect 3 (one of my fav game series of all time…despite the last 10 minutes of the ending) last memorial day weekend and as I was playing I noticed how Mordin Solus reminded me a lot of Abed Nadir (one of my fav TV characters of all time from one of my fav shows of all time Community…#sixseasonsandamovie) then how Shepard reminded me a lot about Jeff and so on until I was able to match almost every main character on Community to a character on Mass Effect. I ran the idea by my fiance and my nephew who are both big community fans and they thought it was awesome. I even remembered being awed by all the Community Fan Art Mash ups that I have seen on the net recently ie. Community/Street Fighter, Community/Star Wars, Community/Batman, Community/X-Men and mucho props to all the other creatives that executed those ideas awesomely. At this point the ideas in my head became a train picking up steam and I needed to express it somehow, first I was thinking about sketching, drawing or painting these characters…but with the day job and other projects that would take too long and I needed to satisfy this itch fast, so I found a hi-res screenshot of Mordin then found an image of Abed with a facial expression that matched perfectly and after some creative photoshopping and some filters applied I photoshopped an image of a mash up fan art I entitled “Abed Solus” and applying some of graphic design skills I made this little character poster.

After some feedback from my fiance, who thought the illustration was  amazing just fueled the fire and I just kept on going. The train picking up steam became a runaway freight train and resulted in a few sleepless nights as I created images for Jeff/Shepard, Troy/Garrus Vakarian, Annie/Miranda Lawson (There was some debate between my fiance and I as she thought Annie was more a Tali, but Annie as Miranda was just hot so that got over ruled =), Britta/Liara T’Soni, Shirley/Justicar Samara, and Pierce/Urdnot Wrex. There could be some fan debate about them fitting other characters better…but I hey I made the call and this was just so darn fun making and here they are:

I’m not sure what will become of this but I had to get them out there it was fun and inspired for me the creative itch need to be scratched and this is the result, who knows maybe even some of the cast may catch a whiff of these and find these vaguely amusing and hopefully will somehow support the show and the cast, especially after hearing of Dan Harmon’s  and other creative staff departures, hopefully something positive will come from this.

As for Mass Effect and Bioware I look forward to the DLC that is coming out this summer that will help clarify/enhance the ending so I know making the choices I made in the past three games lead up to more than just three flavors of ending. =)

Update: 6.5.2012

Added Chang/Kai Leng and Dean Pelton/Jack

Update: 7.5.12 Added Magnitude/Jacob Taylor, Star Burns/James Vega, Dean Spreck/Illusive Man, Leonard/Javik, NBC/Reapers, Annie’s Boobs/Pyjack


2 responses

  1. Jon

    Doc Potterywood (can’t remember the actual character name) as Thane Krios. Seemingly perfect, haunted by his past.

    For the record, I side with your wife, and would love to see Annie’Zorah Vas Normandy.

    July 12, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    • Hi Jon, I will do an Annie’Zorah Vas Normandy version as Tali is one of my favs which still doesn’t have a community version yet, brilliant idea for Thane, I was going to use Rich for Kaiden, and use Josh Holloway/Black Rider version for Thane but now I’ll try both and see which turns out better. check back soon.

      July 14, 2012 at 8:44 am

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