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Lil ObiRus StocktonCon 2014 Adventure

My hometown Stockton Ca., gets a bad rap for a lot of things but this past weekend a small but really fun Con happened, it wasn’t big, it wasn’t extensive, but it small fun and chill which is something I think went missing in a lot of cons. I had a great time with some awesome cosplayers, some great vendors and special guests. Score 1 for my home town of Stockton Ca.


Lil Obi-Rus Adventures SDCC Comic-Con 2014

Star Wars Mass Effect Mash Up/Crossover Fan Art

It was bound to happen sooner or later for me, I guess I can’t stop mashing up Mass Effect with my other favorite fandoms and there is no bigger fandom for me than Star Wars. I’ve seen other Star Wars/Mass Effect fan art before. The ones that stood out for me were an N7 clone trooper  a Salarian Jedi and Asari Sith by Zarnala which were were pretty awesome but I wanted to try my take on it. Like my Avengers, Community and Pacific Rim Mass Effect Crossovers I like to try matching characters that would best match or would just be a cool idea. Utilizing the photoshop digital art style I did previously with my clone wars fan art (used the same layout) I ran with the similarities in the two universes I thought the Force would be comparable to Biotics and Jedi were sort of like Spectres so I went from there and I started with my favorite characters Obi-Wan and thought he was much like Admiral Anderson the mentor to Shepard and from there I thought Saren a former Spectre would be a good match to Darth Maul. Garrus and Wrex were never smugglers but I thought pairing them up as a Han and Chewie would be fun because they are just as beloved and the ball went rolling from there with Liara, Legion, EDI, and the Illusive Man. I couldn’t finish my Luke Skyshepard in time but stay tuned it’s coming soon (and if you want a FemShep version Leia Skyshepard is coming soon also) along with a Kai Leng as Boba Fett and Cerberus Soldiers as Stormtroopers, Miranda as the Emperor’s hand Mara Jade , Admiral Ackbar as Hackett, Batarian Raiders. Samara would be Aayla Secura. Not only characters I will be doing vehicles as well so look out for the Normandy Falcon as well. I do this for fun to blow off creative steam in a fun so I hope no one takes these ultra seriously. I hope you have as much fun with these as I did creating them and for the latest updates please follow me on here or on  twitter, facebook and instagram. May the Force be with You!

‘Pacific Rim 2′ Is Official And It Isn’t Arriving Alone According To Guillermo Del Toro



Originally posted on UPROXX:

Opinions vary around the UPROXX gulag in regards to Pacific Rim. Some folks love it and thought it was the perfect tribute/restart that the giant monster/giant robot genre needed. Other folks were let down and leaned towards Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla as the true return of the genre. I enjoyed so both and I’d gladly take anything over Cloverfield.

The debate is far from settled, but we’re definitely getting a second chance now. April 7th, 2017 to be exact. From Buzzfeed:

In early June, del Toro told BuzzFeed that he was working on a script for the sequel with screenwriter Zak Penn (X-Men: The Last Stand), and in his announcement today, del Toro said original screenwriter Travis Beacham would also be contributing to the expansion of the Pacific Rim franchise.

“The characters I love will return,” del Toro told BuzzFeed in an exclusive new statement. “Raleigh, Mako, Newt…

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MiniBobaFett at Big WOW! ComicFest 2014

Check out my lil buddy MiniBobaFett’s adventures at BigWow ComicFest 2014 even Lil Obi-Rus make an appearance with @macy_rose/BethGreene at the 1:42 mark, like, follow or subscribe to this awesome lil guy

Lil Obi-Rus Cosplay adventures Big Wow Comic Fest San Jose

Lil Obi-Rus had a great but short time at Big Wow Comic Fest, met some familiar faces and some new friends with awesome new adventures!

Spider-Man & Mary Jane Selfie Fan Art

Last night had an awesome idea for a selfie…but not mine…but of Mary Jane Parker (yea I know their marriage was undone in the comics blah blah blah but for me it’s always been about Peter and Mary Jane…sorry Gwen) and Peter taking a selfie together along with a “goofy” selfie…how fun would that did a quick digital paint in photoshop which turned out a lil better than I thought so I thought i’d share…still needs some clean-up but here’s the gist of it, especially on the heels of ASM2 coming out this week! enjoy!


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